Ana María Medina

I was born in Jumilla (Murcia), 49 years ago, and my name is Ana María Medina.
Self-taught for the last ten years in this eloquent language – Arabic – and linked to the publishing world, I am at the head of this Ediciones Medina project, not only as director, but also as part of our team of authors.

In my collection there will be a special place for books dedicated to children, who need values as important as culture.

Thus, Ediciones Medina will dedicate a large part of its collection to books published in different languages for children from all over the world, because <<the world is us>>.

But this director also wants to leave room for other literary genres that will shine on their own, maintaining the essence and values that will characterise each and every one of our publications, that is, globality, culture and solidarity: <<the world is us>>


This author and director pursues a dream with courage, enthusiasm and hope, which translates into books published with special care and love.