Julio Sampedro

Julio Sampedro. Born in Murcia in 1964 in Murcia. He has been a writer since 1980 in a constant, feverish and visceral way. He defines himself as the creator of dirty romanticism: «I don’t write with a beating heart: I write with my guts.»

His cover letter is extensive, highlighting the crime novel series«Las aventuras del Detective Mike».  He has also published «Balada de una amistad», «Réquiem por Teresa»and  «Huevos de Toro».

He doesn’t just move around this type of genre. His all-terrain writing ability also extends to two poetry titles: «El Juglar Dionisíaco» and «Esbozos del Alma» In the stories, the most remarkable work of him is «Breves Prosas Íntimas».