Terms of publication

Important notice: We recommend registering all work in the Intellectual Property Registry or at least in platforms such as Safe Creative.

  • At the moment we only accept writers of legal age. Any legal questions, the email is the following: edicionesmedina.autores@gmail.com.
    All material must be sent in Word or PDF format (or similar).
    If you have a problem sending the files through the form on the page, the email address to do so is manuscritos@edicionesmedina.com
    If you consider that your work is between two genres, check the corresponding boxes and give us more information in the body of the message.

*Attachments in the web form:
Sending the complete manuscript, indicating in the subject the name of the work and the collection where you want to include it. Example: «Stories of the frost, collection Erik el Rojo».
We do not ask for a complete editorial proposal, but we do ask for a document with the subject «Data», where the following points are described (it will be the first thing we see before judging the text):

  • Name or pseudonym used to publish.
  • Synopsis of the work (maximum two pages).
  • Complete summary.
  • Social networks (if any).
  • Email to be able to contact the author (if it is the same as the one used to send the manuscript, it must be indicated).
  • (OPTIONAL) Telephone number (if we were unable to speak to the writer via social media or email, we would use this method of contact).

* (OPTIONAL FILE): biography and curriculum: if you have published before, how, your experience in publishing, motivation to start writing, inspirations … We want to know you as an author, tell us everything you want.
The collections that we currently offer are the following:

  • Salem Trials (Horror)
    The Girl with the Violin (Noir novel)
    Chimera Dream (Fantasy)
    Bullets in verse (Poetry)
    (Didactic and child)
    Erik the Red (Nordic World)
    Inari Foxes (Asian World)
    The world is us (Child)
    Tower of Babel (Didactics)

If you write in Arabic and want to publish with us, you can do it without any problem. You just have to check the box «Arab world» and the genre to which it belongs.
The extension of each work will be determined with respect to the type of each one:

Didactic work: no minimum.
Poetry: minimum 50 poems.
Anthology of stories: minimum 25,000 words.
Short novel or anthology of them: minimum 35,000 words.
Novel: minimum 45,000 words.